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jilianIf you look at online sex dating on sites like as a grand adventure where you don’t really have any fixed expectations, you have a much higher chance of succeeding. Now, if you think that these types of websites guarantee pussy, then you might have a problem. You might feel that you’re entitled to some sort of result.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell this to you, but you’re not entitled to shit. Seriously. Just because you showed up, filled out a profile and joined doesn’t mean shit. You have to stand out from the crowd. You have to work for that pussy.

You can’t just show up and expect all these amazing Swedish goddesses to come out of the woodwork to suck your dick. It doesn’t work that way. It works in a porno plot line, but it doesn’t work in real life. As crazy as it is, online sex dating is still part of real life. So make sure that your mindset is adjusted for reality.

Lack of Patience

I can’t emphasize this enough. A lot of guys think that just because they hear all sorts of dudes bragging about all these beautiful college chicks that they fucked online that the same would apply to them. After all, they’re thinking in the back of their head, dude, you’re ugly and you’re getting all this pussy? Boy, am I in for a good time.

Well, you might want to think twice because if you expect the time horizon of success to be ridiculously short when it comes to online sex dating, boy, do you have another thing coming. Seriously. You are going to be disappointed because, let’s face it, it takes work to succeed with this type of dating. Sure, the women there are specifically looking for sex. Sure, the women there are making themselves available for the guys there, but considering the odds, you still have a lot of work to do.

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