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Hello, I just wanna thank you for stopping by and took you time to read about me, that means you are more interesed in knowing me than something just for the moment.
I am Aylin , i’m 19 years old, i’m from Estonia and i want to tell a little about myself:
* I’m single for over a year and i satisfy my desires here, the site , hopping i’ll find the perfect men who treats me like a women, kinda and gentle and sees me for what i’m truly am not like a toy.
*I’m a dreamer who loves being spoiled with flowers and breakfest to bed, a hopless romantic with a dirty mind, hoping to find the “prince charming” who will make me feel safe , comfortable and of his love. I like think about myself as a “lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets”.
*I love travel ,one of my dream it’s visit as many places i can, learn about different cultures and how people from around live day by day.
*I’m here discover new things everyday about you, and aswell. have fun with my friends , my fans and new people, laugh and chill with cool songs, good vibes and hot mood. I love discover new people , know their story and give the chance get know them better and share their fantasies, desires and curiosities.
*I’m open minded , willing try anything if i’m very excited and motivated but at the same time i’m a very good listener who loves help even with an advice and i bet that at the end we will laugh and finish with a good vibe.