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From now on, you will refer to me as AnastasiaDomme and bow your head when you say it. If you are alone you will kneel before me – and although you will undoubtedly play with your pathetic maggot while you read this you may NOT cum without my express permission!!!!
Now say “Yes Mistress Anastasia !” before you read on…
As you have already gathered I am a naturally dominant, POWERFULL woman with curves in all the right places!!!!!! – I am not some stick insect that would break in a strong wind, I am the essence of all that is female, and I know the power I have over men. I am the kind of woman that will never notice you, the arrogant sexy bitch that makes your breath catch as I pass. YOU are one of the men that covers themselves and cowers as I walk by, hoping I don’t see the pathetic erection that has started in your pants just from being in my presence, or the look of lust and terror that appears in your eyes before your head drops in deference to the floor, and you stare at my heels as I strut past..
I enjoy my natural dominination over men like you.